voice steal can only control info flow "in 1" of poly~ ?

    May 25 2006 | 11:18 pm
    I made a synthesizer with poly~ and found that when I turn off voice steal by using the message "steal $1", it actually only prevent any message send throught "in 1", other messages through "in 2", "in 3", etc. are still keep sending info to poly~.
    Because of this reason, it seems that I need to pack a list and only use one inlet for poly~ if I really want to turn off voice steal function. However, other info sent to poly~ through "in 2" and "in 3" in my patch is a list that keeps changing its content.
    Question 1: Does "voice steal" only control the info flow of "in 1" in poly~ instead of being able to stop the info flow from other inlets of poly~ ? If so, any better way to stop the message flow for other inlets of poly~ in addition to inlet 1 ?
    Question 2: Are there any object or way to pack different lists as the way we use "pack" object to pack a few numbers in normal situation ?