VST~ doesn't want events error in 4.5.6 (Win XP)

    May 23 2006 | 11:59 am
    I'm triggering a VSTi within vst~ from MIDI events generated from pitch-tracking.
    I'm getting the 'effect doesn't want events' error message sometimes and no output from the VSTi that I'm running. This happens unpredictably (the instrument will be triggered without any problems sometimes), and I'm getting worried about using vst~ to run instruments live now. I notice that there is a warning about errors 'until audio is started for the first time' in the vst~ help, but starting and stopping dsp, or re-starting MAX/MSP has no effect. The same problem happens on two separate computers with different hardware. Anyone experienced this?
    My systems: Acer 5620 laptop Intel Core Duo T2300, 1GB RAM Win XP Home Emu 1616M soundcard MAX/MSP 4.5.6 / Pluggo / Hipno + Pentium 4C 2.8 desktop, 1GB RAM Asus P4P800 Deluxe m/b Win XP Pro RME 9632 soundcard

    • May 23 2006 | 1:07 pm
      Yes, always unfortunately, for Midi events errors. Even with the numerous incremental updates of vst~ objects...
      But never the audio output troubles you mention.
    • May 23 2006 | 2:09 pm
      I have experienced similar problems with vst~ on OS X. It was discussed here a while back, and the main issue seems to be with initialising vst~. If you provide vst~ with an argument to load a plug-in at start-up (eg. vst~ foo), the problem (usually) disappears. You can build a dummy Pluggo to load at startup and put it in the search path, or just load an existing plug; afaicr, it doesn't even have to be an 'instrument' plug. Cheers Roger
    • May 23 2006 | 6:48 pm
      Thanks - this seems to work. I also noticed that whenever I 'edited' the vst~ object itself (by adding 'none', for example) to the object arguments then the problem was fixed... strange.