~vst envelope management in ~poly

    May 30 2006 | 8:17 pm
    I'd like to get some suggestions on ways to monitor the envelope of
    the sound coming out of the ~vst object. I have several instances of a
    patch that uses the ~vst object loaded into a ~poly object.
    How can I monitor the output of ~vst with regard to its signal level?
    This is important because I need to be able to send a "mute 1 0" to
    thispoly when each voice is free. Ideally, this needs to happen as
    soon as the signal settles at 0. I'm sure that the signal monitor
    object is involved here but beyond that I'm not sure how to proceed.
    I'd appreciate any suggestions on ways that I can track the singal
    output level coming from ~vst.
    Thanks! ::Norbert

    • May 30 2006 | 10:39 pm
      [avg~], [average~], [meter~],... can do that for you.
      meter~ will provide only messages, which seems okay
      since your aim is the [mute 1] message.
      if you put meter~ on around 50-100 ms and wait for
      the second time its output beeing > 0.0001 before
      you turn the poly patcher off, that should be safe
    • May 31 2006 | 2:54 am
      intersting, I didn't know MSP objects had their tilde on the left below the equator! They don't teach that in geography, damn liberal education ;(
    • Jun 01 2006 | 1:38 pm
      Are you sending MIDI notes to a VSTi? If so, I suggest you manage the polyphony before the [vst~] (see below MaxText file). I'm not sure using [poly] is the best way, but it works well for me.
      hope this addresses your issue.
      max v2;