vst~/amxd~plugins (presets)

    Jul 18 2016 | 6:11 pm
    In the 'plugins' tab on the left of the patcher window, I can see a lot of fun plugins. I have no problems loading the amxd~ ones, but nearly all of the vst~ options give me the "no format vst exists" error (and yes I've tried it in both 32-bit and 64-bit modes). I'm particularly interested in some of the good ole pluggo ones, like LongStereoDelay. I'm also hoping (with either the amxd~ or vst~ versions) to access the presets that came with the original plugins.
    OSX 10.10.5, Max/MSP 7.2.3, MBPro

    • Jul 18 2016 | 6:24 pm
      AFAIK, the *original* Pluggo package won't open as vst~ in Max. However, Max for Live includes a bunch of the pluggo things as amxd~ devices, and they load just fine.
    • Jul 18 2016 | 8:37 pm
      yeah, that's what I suspected. I'm missing a few of my old faves, darn. And I still wish there was a way to resurrect the original presets.
    • Jul 18 2016 | 9:14 pm
      You and me both.