wahwah~ of Zack Settel on Max5

    May 03 2011 | 12:19 am
    Dear all,
    I search some externals like wahwah~ if someone port this external for Max5. I think at the origin it's part of Jimmies from Zach Settel.

    • May 03 2011 | 6:37 am
      You're looking for that vintage sound. It's indeed part of the Jimmies. The help file says:
      Wahwah~ is a signal based filter and is useful for dynamic filtering, although it is more costly than the other two filter objects in MAX: f2p~ [2pole~] and f2p2z~ [2p2z~]. Filter coefficients are computed with trigonometric functions approximated in the following way: cos(x) = 1 - x^2/2, sin(x) = x. Center frequency is limited to 2 radians. Center frequency and Q inputs are signals but only the first value of each signal vector is used.
      It seems what was unique about this object back then, was the ability to have signals as input. Now all filters in msp allow signals at it's input. It might be that using a lowpass filter, for instance lores~, would give similar results.