wavetable questions/problems

    Jun 28 2006 | 5:19 pm
    Hey there,
    Trying to make a loop destroyer.
    Am needing to take a buffer's contents, split it into 16 pieces and have each of those pieces accessible to be played one after another , but also allow me to choose/seek to different pieces, play those pieces forward and reverse, etc.. I tried playing the buffer contents using metro/groove~ to define loop start/end segments in series, but this is slow because of msp's cycle time, etc.
    I think i have to do this with a 'wavetable' and manipulating signals, but i have spent 3 hours with friends and manuals and still don't understand how to manipulate signals to get what i'm looking for. Anyone point me in the direction of some clues?
    Thanks, n00d

    • Jun 28 2006 | 5:42 pm
      examples folder, mod squad. its good fun.
      > Trying to make a loop destroyer. >
    • Jun 28 2006 | 6:09 pm
      see also the decimator patch at www.pelado.co.uk , it's a really nice piece of work, cheers Roger cheers Roger
    • Jun 28 2006 | 6:28 pm
      inmplement a simple offline process which copies the 16 parts into 16 new buffers
    • Jun 28 2006 | 7:05 pm
      well i looked at the modsquad stuff and they seem to be doing very close to what i want to do, so i guess i have to work out this signal stuff. so confusing.. thanks again