way to get id of last changed pattr-attached object (eg for midimapping like ableton does)

    Sep 30 2019 | 12:45 pm
    is there a way to use pattr/pattrstorage etc to get the id of the last pattr-attached parameter that changed?
    explanation: i have a big patch with lots of objects attached to pattrstorage, and my own 'sophisticated' mapping system connecting a controller to it. (it lets you draw response curves, map multiple params to one midi knob, etc, so i don't want to use the max8 quick midi mapping methods). i'd like to make it easier to build the mappings quickly, eg in ableton you move a parameter to select it, move the midi knob you want and it's done. so ideally can i get the pattrstorage object to output the names of parameters as i change them?
    best solution so far via leafcutter john - one button dumps all values out of a pattrhub, user moves param, second button dumps pattrhub again and looks for differences, but this feels clumsy, is there a (built-in?) more elegant/efficient way?

    • Sep 30 2019 | 3:39 pm
      ok i've answered my own question but here it is in case anyone else wants to know:
      read the pattrstorage reference, particularly 'outputmode'