wclose message working with table?

    Oct 01 2009 | 10:28 pm
    Hi all-
    Max5.08 and Leopard. I have an issue with upgrading a patch from 4.63: doesn't appear I can close a table window with a message.
    Message "wclose" in the left inlet of a [table] object.
    "Open" message will reveal the table window, but "wclose" has no effect.
    Am I missing something here?
    Best, Charles

    • Oct 01 2009 | 10:50 pm
      I can reproduce this on 10.4.11 using max 5.0.7 too.
    • Oct 02 2009 | 7:53 am
      As a workaround, you could use the itable in a patcher.
    • Oct 02 2009 | 12:09 pm
      Thanks for the report, this has been fixed for the next incremental.