webcam can't work on windows XP with jit.dx.grab

    May 18 2010 | 2:39 pm
    Hi there,
    I'am having some issues with jit.dx.grab. I'm running the latest Max5.1+Jitter1.7 on windows XP.
    The devices I am using to grab my video are USB webcam which I am using for several years. When I used max4.5.5+jitter 1.5.1, it worked. Now max gives me the following errors when I try to grab a video:
    -could not render capture stream -could not build preview graph
    The same device works fine with skype chating and also in max---menu extras---JitterTester, when i Start Digitizing, the image shows in the window. By the way, the DirectX 9 is installed on my computer.
    Could anyone help me?
    Thanks a lot for any advice!