Webcam issues, and motion tracking to paly a file

    Mar 04 2010 | 5:07 am
    I am working on a project for one of my classes where I want to track the amount of motion on a webcam, then use that data for progress through jpegs in an exact order. The more movement the further(and faster) I want it to progress, however, when there is movement under a certain range I want them to go in descending order from where it is at. I am trying to work with cv.jit for reading motion on the screen but as of right now I can't even get my webcam to display properly within jit.qt.grab. I hae both a usb and integrated webcam on my laptop so is this an issue? My usb webcam shows up but I cant seem to get a source form it. I can get an image to show up for the integrated one but it looks like this: