What about flash in jit.qt.movie?

    Aug 25 2009 | 7:32 pm
    I have been working with Max for a while, but now want to integrate flash interface in max. However, this does not seem to work (anymore?). I read that Quicktime player does not support SWF files anymore?
    Does anybody know a workaround?

    • Aug 26 2009 | 5:41 pm
      i hear tell quicktime X re-introduces support for playing swf's, but who knows. for now quicktime doesn't support swf playback, therefore neither does jit.qt.movie.
      perhaps you can try loading flash movies with jweb.
    • Aug 26 2009 | 7:20 pm
      Thanks for the info.
      I've tried it with jweb, thess are my findings: - .SWF animations will not play (the first frame is shown) - Navigation (addEventListener) does work! - startDrag() and stopDrag() works as well!
      Since I'm not planning on using animations, it will work out for me.