What arguments set what properties?

    Dec 23 2013 | 6:57 am
    If I use code that makes an object, calling "newdefault" is very straightforward. However, if I want to control more than the x,y, and type of object, it is less clear.
    By using this.patcher.newobject I know that I first have to pass the type as an argument, then coordinates but then what can I pass? If I want to set the background color attribute (which is not listed in the reference) can I do that in an argument?//This way puts a "1" in the message box and does not ignore clicks z[i] = this.patcher.newobject("message", 100+(i*100), 100,100,50, ignoreclick=true); //If I delete ignoreclick=true (above) and add this outside of the declaration: z[i].ignoreclick=true; it ignores clicks In short, how do I know which parameters I can use with each class of object? The reference lists 13, but I do not know how to access any other than rect and maxclass in the arguments.

    • Jan 08 2014 | 1:14 am
      Just wondering if that post was clear enough. Basically I am wondering how to set what are called attributes in max for a new object. I can create an object and set background color with:
      a = this.patcher.newobject("message", 100, 100,300,300,); a.bgcolor(255,0,0); but I am wondering if I can do that from the constructor. The referecnce says the format for a new object is: newobject (classname,params) but I have no idea what params I can use.
      What, using the newobject method, can I set?