What is a good way to record large amounts of data in real time, and play back at varying speeds?

    Nov 13 2009 | 4:14 pm
    I've created a sequencer of OSC messages in Max/MSP, so that I can record all incoming OSC messages in real-time, save them to a file, and then later be able to load the file and replay the recorded sequence, at varying speeds.
    At the moment I am using seq~, but I'm having trouble with it. When the data starts to add up, the max patch starts grinding to a halt, with the cpu usage going up to 100%. And I'm talking about quite a small amount of data really, the size of a file saved when the problems start occurring is only about 1.5MB, so nothing gigantic.
    I have looked into using mtr instead, but I've found no way of altering the playback speed of the sequence, so it is not really useful for my purpose.
    Do you have any suggestion on how to tackle this one?
    P.S. In case you're curious, below is my current OSC sequencer patch.