what is equivalent of CLASS_ATTR_STYLE_LABEL for a max jitter wrapper?

    Jul 29 2012 | 9:52 pm
    What is equivalent of CLASS_ATTR_STYLE_LABEL on a max jitter wrapper? I do not see any doc on it in the SDKs or in the header files
    For example CLASS_ATTR_STYLE_LABEL(attr, "flipx", 0, "onoff", "Flip/negate X values"); I have discovered the style portion. What is the label portion?
    attr = (t_jit_object *)jit_object_new(_jit_sym_jit_attr_offset, "flipx"...); jit_attr_addfilterset_clip(attr,0,1,TRUE,TRUE); object_addattr_parse(attr,"style",_jit_sym_symbol,0,"onoff"); max_jit_classex_addattr(p, attr);
    The above works. What do I add to have a friendly label on the attribute in the inspector?

    • Jul 29 2012 | 10:07 pm
      discovered some more. I can set the label with the following:
      object_addattr_parse(attr,"label",_jit_sym_symbol,0,""Flip/negate X values"");
      Notice that I have to put quotes within the cstring. This is because the function is parsing the string and without them parses it into multiple atoms and therefore you would only see the first sequence non-whitespace characters "Flip/negate". So...quote it.