What is Full scene anti-aliasing?

    Nov 18 2009 | 2:00 pm
    Hey.. one thread.. but i actually got two questions.. maybe thre
    1.) iam on windows7 using the quicktime object.. everytime iam reading a .mov movie iam getting this message in the max window:jit_gl_support_init: float pixel formats: GL ERROR: Invalid enumeration
    what does that mean? ( i have the feeling that this error comes up until i bang a [pak dim] object with the exact dimensions of the video to the qt.movie obj..)
    2.) in the help patch of jit.window ive read about Full scene anti-aliasing (FSAA)... ... can be turned on/off with the fsaa message.... i dont understand this.. how can i turned it on? and is it even helpful for playing hd video files? its saying something about 3d objects..
    i got a powerful pc, and a great graphics card too.. so i really dont know why i am having such a hard time to playback hi-res files.. i started using the photojpeg codec.. best results so far.. but is there anything else i could try to tweak the performance? setting doublebuffer on or something like that.. i really dont know much about video and what all this means..
    thanks for your time

    • Nov 18 2009 | 3:35 pm
      Hello coffeencigs: if you want to turn on the fsaa attribute you can @fsaa 1, off is @fsaa 0 You can try to use @antialias 1 on your objects. That will help to improve their render quality(and make them more expensive) if you take a look into the object references you can figure out under which states the attributes can be render and which values they have as defaults.
      The trick when playing movies is the codec.
      The windows question I cannot help you(Mac user!). Check the stick on the top of the forum, it seems there was an issue with the QT under windows