What Max for Live objects could be disabling automation?

    Dec 22 2012 | 3:00 am
    Hello, I am currently attempted to customize an existing max for live object and I am running into a road block I cannot seem to figure out.
    If it is relevant, the patch I am attempting to tweak is the Covert Cperators Snapshot Morpher patch.
    The knobs in the patch can be controlled in two ways, either by twiddling the knob itself, or by using an xy table that morphs between snapshots of saved settings of the knobs. When Morph mode is activated, you cannot directing turn the knobs, I successfully deactivated this feature and now have half of what my goal is- to be able to turn the knobs or morph between their saved values at the same time
    BUT I cannot seem to figure out this next part
    Something in the patch is preventing automation data associated with the knobs from being read. No matter how many times I press the 'back to arrangment' button, I still end up with the automation sputtering in and out of being active and being greyed out however I cannot seem to figure out what is the root of this. I have traced the patch backwards and am still confused what could be telling Live to deactivate automation for a given parameter and then suddenly reactivate it.
    What objects/commands could be triggering such a reaction? Which max for live objects are capable of communicating to live 'disable automation for dial 3' 'now enable automation for dial 3'.
    If it is at all relevant, here is an image of the inside of the patcher where I believe something is communicating with Live to disable automation http://talkischeap.tk/morpher.png

    • Dec 22 2012 | 10:36 am
      Hi, you probably have a conflict between the knob and the xy table. Once a parameter is automated, its value will always be compared with the current value it affects, so if two m4l objects are connected to a single parameter, only the last active one will match it and the automation of other ones will be inactive (and the score button'll turn red). What you could do is to use a gate object and let it take care of which UI object is actually controlling the parameter.
    • Dec 22 2012 | 5:03 pm
      I think you're right, is there a way to debug a patch easily to see exactly where the conflict is occurring? I tried gating different sections of the XY table output but I can't seem to figure out exactly where the problem is arising.