What's the midi change mssg for bank change?

    Sep 14 2010 | 10:14 am
    hi all,
    Alchemy Player hosted in vst~ -
    I can change voices in a bank using [midievent 192 X] - 192 being the midi number for program change. Does anybody know what the message number would be for switching _banks of presets (midi bank change)?
    Also, someone posted a list (or a link to a list) of all of different midi messages that can be used with the midievent message - and I can't find it on either of my computers! .....
    And here it is! http://bit.ly/d5AGoQ (thanks Simon)
    There doesn't seem to be a bank change message though????
    ... a bit more research suggested [midievent 176 00 X] - 176 being channel 1 control change, and 00 being bank select. It doesn't work though. Max message boxes won't accept 00 - always reverting to a single 0 - but that shouldn't make a difference, should it?

    • Sep 14 2010 | 10:32 am
      Solved it - after sending a bank change message, you have to send a new program change message. So it's ...
      [midievent 176 0 X] followed by [midievent 192 X]
    • Sep 29 2010 | 4:01 pm
      I am tryng to change the program in VSTi like Massive and I can´t do it. Anybody cans help me? What must I do?
      Thanks in advance and best regards.
    • Sep 29 2010 | 5:56 pm
      Just send the message [midievent 192 X], where X is the program number.
    • Sep 29 2010 | 10:20 pm
      Yes, I´ve tried with that but it doesn´t work with my VSTi...
      Thanks and best regards.
    • Sep 29 2010 | 11:08 pm
      most plug-ins do not support preset and bank change via midi, because mostz host programs dont.
      but you can change presets by sending an integer to [vst~] like it is described in the friendly helpfile.
    • Sep 29 2010 | 11:58 pm
      [midievent 192 X] is programme change
      [midievent 176 0 X] followed by [midievent 192 X] will give you a bank change followed by a programme change. I found that even if it was the same voice number in the new bank, I still needed to programme/preset change command to get it to work.
      And this may not work with all VSTi - it works with Alchemy Player.
    • Sep 30 2010 | 3:01 pm
      Thanks to both. I´ve tried with integers into messages, and midievent 176 with midievent 192 with Massive and FM8 (Native Instruments) and they don´t work. Anybody has tried with these VSTi?
      Thank you again and best regards.
    • Sep 30 2010 | 4:33 pm
      I've just checked the Massive demo, and [midievent 192 X] works for me as expected. Note however that in Massive you have to create a "program list" first. See manual page 91 for details.
    • Oct 01 2010 | 10:47 pm
      Nothing, I don´t know what I am doing wrong, but I can´t do it... Thank you anyway.
      Best regards.
    • Oct 02 2010 | 8:55 am
      Does it work when sending program changes to Massive standalone?
    • Oct 03 2010 | 9:09 am
      From Max/MSP? I haven´t tried. I´ll do it, but it´s the same with others VSTi: I can´t change programs, and I don´t know why, what I´m doing wrong...
      Thank you and best regards.
    • Oct 03 2010 | 10:46 am
      Here is a simple patch demonstrating how it should work.
    • Oct 07 2010 | 3:53 pm
      Yes, I´ve tried it with a lot of VSTs and VSTi and I can´t change programs... I don´t know what I´m doing wrong.
      Thank you very much anyway. Best regards.
    • Feb 20 2011 | 12:16 am
      Hi, same for me: program change messages do not work with Fm8 from maxmsp as a vst plugin. It works with standalone fm8 and midi.... any ideas?
    • Feb 20 2011 | 12:33 am
      but in case you ever need it again: bank select is simply CC 0.
      in opposite to program change it might even work in a few plug-ins, such as the synths from arturia.
    • Jan 25 2015 | 3:33 am
      so is there really no bank change message you can send directly to vst~ object? It seems I have also run into cases where the midievent method doesn't work. In any case I'd like to create a patch that I know will work with the most possible vsts..
    • Jan 25 2015 | 11:16 am
      I don't know how the following information relates with the implementation of VST instruments, but the MIDI implementation defines Control Change 0 (MSB) AND 32 (LSB) as Bank Select messages, to a achieve a theoretical maximum of 16384 different sound presets. In many hardware synthesizers you have to send these three values, in order: Control Change 0, Control Change 32, Program Change.
    • May 06 2015 | 6:19 pm
      Hi, I am trying to change the voice dynamically on my Roland synth. I have never used M4L before and the documentation makes no sense at all, just a lot of random values in examples that don't seem to marry up with the MIDI spec. Is there a simple tutorial or code snippet that shows how to send these three messages in succession?
      Many thanks