Where are the built-in tutorials!?

    Oct 18 2015 | 11:24 am
    Dear Cycling74,
    I teach MaxMSP to complete beginner so it came to my surprise that the Max and MSP tutorial has disappeared from the help menu. So I have to tell my class to 'search' for an empty string in the top corner of the 'search documentation' text field and scroll to the button of the page, etc. It makes no sense! To make things more complicated, the lessons in 'brows lessons' that are so visible, are clearly not intended for complete beginners... In terms of visibility, it is the beginners' tutorials that should be prioritised.
    Many thanks for your attention.
    All the best, Peiman

    • Oct 18 2015 | 12:51 pm
      It's super easy in Max 7. Just open the Reference on the Help menu (or the Keyboard shortcut Command+Shift+R). The tutorials are in there separated by Max, MSP and Jitter. If you only want the patchers, those are in the Browser (open with File > Browser or Option+B) under Cycling '74 > Tutorials.
    • Oct 18 2015 | 1:53 pm
      OK, thanks. What's confusing is that it remembers the previous page so you still need to do more than two steps to get to it: (1) open reference, (2) click on HOME, and (3) click on the relevant tutorial (if you're not too distracted by the top content of the page). On a single user machine used by different students this can be a bit confusing. I think it was more coherent when there was a menu item for Max and another for MSP tutorials!