Which camera for jit.grab live capture?

    Jan 13 2020 | 5:15 pm
    Hello, a very simple noobish question. What do you use for video capturing?I need to acquire a live video stream in jitter... a webcam is not enough quality for the work I need to do. More like a compact camera or a not so expensive DSLR...(?)
    What would you advise for a cheap Camera? Which kind of connection is necessary to let the device appear in the jit.grab sources menu? Is there any other hardware (interface?) needed? I need a cheap but (semi-)professional solution... which will not cause latency and optical and color limitations of the HD webcam that i'm using at the present. Thanks a lot!

    • Jan 14 2020 | 6:56 pm
      I've used various video cameras with Firewire connectivity, right into a Mac running Jitter. Just works, though they are old timer 4:3 cameras. You can probably find these these cheap.