Why is my patch not showing image slideshow on other computers?

    Jan 21 2013 | 9:35 pm
    So this problem is a bit complicated, but if anyone can help me out I would be very appreciative.
    I work with a media activism group and something we've been doing recently is taking photos of people publicly announcing their debt. I built this mugshot photo booth, and it runs perfectly on my computer, but when I build it as an app, the photo preview doesn't work--after you've taken a photo and are deciding whether or not to save it. To my knowledge this isn't a file path issue. I'll copy the code below, and have color coded things to help anyone help me. PhotoInteractivity and Camera subpatches are most relevant here.
    Instructions: 1) Drag and drop a folder into the red box near the top left of the patch (in edit mode), that sets up where the photos will be screened from and saved to. I have some other media like "SAVED" videos, but they shouldn't be necessary.
    2) Goto presentation mode, and hit spacebar to proceed. It should take your picture, but I'm betting once you tap space it will be a black video for some reason. That's what I need to fix ;p

    • Jan 21 2013 | 10:03 pm
      one fix you can make is inside the PhotoInteractivity sub-patch.
      you should not trigger a bang to you jit.qt.movie until the object is finished reading the file. you can ensure this by testing for a successful read notification. when successful, the object sends the following out the dump outlet: read moviename.mov 1
      replace the following in your patch:
    • Jan 23 2013 | 12:07 pm
      Hi, perhaps your problem is linked to the need to actualise (in the best way dynamicly) the path of your folder on another computers. see the PhotoInteractivity subpatch modified in that sense, here included. You have do assure that also for your Slideshow subpatch, and so on.(in your Last Photo , dropfile is doing this for a dropped folder, but only for dropped folder). But, if I am not misguided, you need to clear your connexions beween your different subpatches, and clear up redundant duplications in your subpatches to make it properly work. (like the one in the subpatche included below) Best, Helmuth
    • Jan 25 2013 | 12:32 am
      Thanks to you both. @Helmuth, is automaton an arbitrary name or does it perform a certain function? I can't really think of how to use absolutepath in a useful way, should I just include a bogus like "max_test_file.txt" in the directory so it finds that?
    • Jan 25 2013 | 4:13 pm
      Alright, I created a folder "debt_folder" and make it work that way, so long as that folder is in the same parent folder as the application. It all works on my machine with the changes... problem is, it still doesn't work on other computers! I'm very confused about it all. I didn't have much time to diagnose the problem on the other computer but it was a pathing issue, it was looking for "Macintosh HD/file.png" if I remember correctly. Bah!