wich weird version of java in windows should i install?

    Oct 02 2007 | 10:59 am
    I'm trying to get java objects to work in win xp profesional 2000, using last max 4.6.3 and jitter 4.6 so when i start max the maxwindows says basically
    that it could not find java 2 runtime environment s o the only version in java sun that first appears in every place is java 6 update 2, i download that but max crash at launch
    i heard that java change their versions name (to make everything more complex) so 6 it's really 1.6 version so i should download 1.2
    i download jre- 1.2.2 and it doesn't crash though send this error
    error: could nof load class 'com/cycling74/jitter/jitterobject error could not find jitter jar
    there is many many java downloads around and since i don't know nothing about java i need help to understand what i have to download to make my patch work