wii problem with bluetooth connection

    Mar 06 2009 | 1:18 pm
    Hi all,
    We used (about 2months back) to have no problem connceting 4 wii's to one computer. The same when we connceted 4 microdig (infusionsystem) via bluetooth.
    But we want to repeat the experiment we set up then and we can't seem to get the wii's connected. 2 is ok although it takes for hours (well a decent 15minutes) but to get more then 2 is realy problematic.
    Strage thing is that on our older computers, still macbook pro's but a bit older then the new (3 months up to a year) imacs connceting wii's isn't a problem. It takes a bit longer then it used to but it works.
    Does any of you have a clue on what is happening here, did things change at some point regarding bluetooth?
    On our new computers the OSX system seems to get hold of the wii's way before max does.
    Hope some one can give some insights here,

    • Mar 22 2009 | 7:19 pm
      I have the same problem, I just made an installation for MOCA in miami, and one of the pieces was going to use a wiimote for some of the interactivity, but I went to test yesterday and aka.wii wouldn't conect and would often crash when it tried. OSX would connect to them almost instantly when I hit the 1+2 buttons and the leds would just keep blingking forever with no connectivity to max
    • Mar 22 2009 | 8:46 pm
      I still have the same problem and nothing I do seems to fix it. Strange thing is that when using OSCulator everything works fine. Is there anybody else that could clear this up? The problem with OSCulator for example is that it only sends data when the wii is moved, for scientific research this makes it quit hard as you don't get a full 100Hz datarate.
      Hoping that this can be remedied any time soon.
    • Mar 23 2009 | 12:05 pm
      folks fwiw - connecting the wiimote has always been a bit problematic at my end - i don't think there will be any updates from the original author unfortunately however, on the crashing front ... I've found that the more recently compiled disis.aka.wiiremote object is *much* more stable in max 5 (it merely adds wii fit support)
      cheers s
      ps - i got better connection success when i set my max 4 patches up to do a bit of cycling between 'auto disconnecting' followed by 'connecting' within the first couple hundred ms - see if that fudge strategy helps you - sorry, never tried with multi wiimotes HTH