Wiimote Gesture Recognition (Wiigee/ IRCAM's Gesture Follower)

    Aug 19 2013 | 2:10 pm
    Has anyone had any success with Wiimote gesture recognition in Max?
    This guy seems to have got Wiigee working with Max but I don't understand what he has done (java is quite meaningless to me). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FvsB318GNg4
    I have also been playing with IRCAM's gesture follower - http://imtr.ircam.fr/imtr/Gesture_Follower
    While it works quite well with basic mouse gesture recognition, my attempts at using a wiimote with it have been mixed at best. It tends to record the gestures reasonably well but struggles to distinguish between further gestures unless they are vastly different in both velocity and movement (and even then it's hit and miss).
    It feels like there is a lot of potential with gesture recognition in Max but it has frustrated me so far, so any advice you may have would be appreciated.
    Edit: Would it be easier to achieve wiimote gesture recognition using a Processing, Openframeworks or something else in conjunction with Max?