windows remote desktop & audio->client

    Apr 07 2009 | 12:21 pm
    Hi there, maybe somebody out there knows what to do.
    I've built a standalone for windows xp that, amongst other things plays back samples (16-bit 44.1 stereo). It uses the DSP status.maxpat abstraction to select audio driver, sound card etc on the computer. Well it works fine on the computer that sits on-site in an installation underground. The on-site computer, being underground, needs to be controlled remotely via remote desktop and the audio streamed back to another computer sitting in an office on the other side of town, using ADSL.
    So the problem is the guy in the office can access the server (on-site) computer, and operate the max patch remotely just fine, and hear the windows os alert sounds being streamed back to his comfy office, but the sounds being generated by the max patch (from the on-site computer) are not being sent back.
    So maybe there might be something amiss in the remote desktop setup, or perhaps the audio needs to be sent somewhere within the architecture of the server computer before the client can 'hear' it. Maybe the dsp status patch cannot send the audio to the right place. As you might have gathered I don't know much about this kind of stuff. I know there are audio steaming objects in max, but I was hoping to get away with this using windows remote desktop...
    edit--- BTW the guy in the office can get the server to play wave files using another app (windows media player, I think) and stream to the client using remote desktop, just the max patch wont do the same thing. --- Thanks, as usual, for any guidance. T