Windows Startup crash

    Apr 21 2006 | 7:48 pm
    Hi everyone, I'm trying some things out with getting a windows box to autoload a patcher on startup. The patch contains and mxj object. Now, on every windows box I've used max on, the JAVA stuff takes forever to load. Incidentally, I believe the patch gets opened before the JAVA environment does as the patch crashes max before the java posts happen. Anyone else see this?
    thank, wes

    • Apr 21 2006 | 8:29 pm
      I assume that the windows box has QT installed. If not, this is a known source of crashes on Max launch when loading Jitter.
      Otherwise, not sure how to circumvent the issue. I had thought that Java was loaded synchronously, and hence should not exhibit problems where the patch operated prior to Java completing its initialization.