winXP - Max and RME multiASIO not playing nicely.

    Aug 03 2007 | 8:49 pm
    Hi, in order to better understand my problem, first read this...
    I was wondering if the question that the mod had was true. Currently, I have my ezdac~ set to ADAT 1+2, and my DAW set to Analog 1+2. Generally, under that configuration, on an XP machine with an RME card, multiple ASIO clients are possible. But, for some reason, when audio is turned on in Max, it causes tons of distortion to be introduced into the DAW, which might mean that max still uses or is fighting for the Analog outputs even though it is not being used by either ezdac~ or a dac~ with a 1 2 argument. my ADAT output starts at 5 and 6 within Max. I want ADAT to be reserved for max but I want max to not have anything to do with the analog outputs. Is this possible?