Working on new controller: how to generate MPE data?

    Sep 21 2016 | 9:07 pm
    Hi, I'm working on a new controller for musical expression, and am getting in the sensor values in Max via serial over USB. I was wondering what's the easiest way to parse these into the MIDI MPE format?
    Currently I'm using mpeformat, but I'm running into two issues: - I only seem to be able to map an expression value to the "key pressure" (second inlet on midiformat). I'd love to be able to map incoming sensor values to other parameters that the ROLI seaboard also has, such as poly aftertouch, poly pitchbend, etc etc. - mpeformat only has 15 channels I can use, as it has 16 inlets but the first one is used as the "zone master channel". I'd like to use 16 of them.
    mpepolygen seemed promising but it seems that that would only send the aftertouch/pitch bend data to the most recently played note. Maybe I'm misunderstanding the MPE protocol, but one should be able to have poly pitchbend/aftertouch, no?
    Right now the MIDI MPE protocol and the support for it in Max (while it's GREAT that it's there) seems to be geared very much towards the ROLI, while there's other developers waiting to make new controllers that make use of the MPE protocol to bring expressive musical data to the masses!