working with multiple 1024 x 768 video in

    Apr 15 2006 | 4:40 pm
    Sorry if this is a topic that's been dealt with before but I thought it might be worth raising again as the technology may have moved on over the last few months...
    A group of us are doing a show involving Jitter and some other video material (created in Processing). We'd like to take a couple of video streams and mix them together, alphablending them, chromakeying and so on.
    However, the original video streams are created through CPU-intensive programs (ones that are responsive to live action in our show). So we want to do the mixing and chomakeying etc. on another piece of hardware.
    At the moment our options are:
    - An external, stand-alone DV mixer - a great idea but way outside our budget
    - An external, stand-alone mixer, such as an Edirol V-4 - good but only works with S-video or composite
    ...but we're wondering if there is a third option. Ideally, we'd like to take the DVI out from two Power Macs and put them, at 1024 x 768 resolution, into the input of a third Mac (e.g. a desktop G5). Is there a card we can buy that can let us do this (i.e. something that takes video in, directly from the DVI or even the VGA out - a card that can communicate with Jitter)?
    Are we missing a really obvious way to do this? (quite likely as we're new to working with multiple video streams).
    ...any advice at all is greatly appreciated - even if the advice is don't even try it!

    • Apr 17 2006 | 1:06 am could work.