Would appreciate any help possible with slice sampler...NOOB

    Jul 05 2013 | 11:10 am
    Hi, I'm new to this whole Max MSP software, so I appreciate any feedback offered! Anyway, I've gone through some of the MAX projects and several user patches to see if I could put my project together. Moreover, I would like to take a sample, and chop it up into 16 pieces (each with a user-defined start and end point). I would also like to visually select the start and end points of each slice on the same waveform display, and trigger each slice via midi. A big problem I am having is understanding how to set these arbitrary slice points across the buffer in real time. Another problem is figuring out how to re-populate the "coll" in real time, while adjusting the start and end points. Lol man this stuff is complicated, I commend all who have mastered it! God bless!

    • Jul 05 2013 | 6:50 pm
      Most folks learned slicing-sampler creation from the modsquad example located in the max distribution here: Max/examples/sequencing/modsquad and older versions here: Max/examples/legacy-examples/modsquad-history
      If that's too advanced, though, some lame-brain douchebag named 'raja' also made this tutorial which many folks find easier to learn sampling in Max with: https://cycling74.com/tools/rajaslilsamplingtutorial/
      Hope it helps.