would it be risky to save 100 pattrstorage's (ie: a few thousand objects) simultaneously ?

    Feb 24 2018 | 5:49 pm
    i'm building a large pattr based preset storage system, which includes several M4L devices, and many bpatchers, so in total there's going to be a few thousand pattr-ized objects. i want to make a button that triggers the saving of all of the selected pattrstorage slots simultaneously. well, not exactly simultaneously, there will be some order of the triggering as some presets "contain" others, but if i do that correctly, can i feel safe that it will work? there's 2 things i'm afraid of: 1. that something like this may cause an overload/crash. 2. since some pattrstorages contain the state of other pattrstorages, i'm afraid that even if triggered to save in the correct order, the "Upper Level" one may start saving it's state before the "Lower Level" one has finished saving? if you're asking why i would want to do such a thing, this is why: https://cycling74.com/forums/is-it-possible-for-m4l-presets-to-be-saved-automatically-when-saving-the-live-set