WTF is the problem with Push's touchstrip in M4L ?

    Nov 25 2014 | 6:42 pm
    Hello there, I’ve never been able to correctly use the touchstrip in M4L. For some reason you can’t simply grab and release this control just like you normally do! Because you’ll deal with a problem every (badly designed) patches (found on that uses the touchstrip have: the touchstrip doesn’t work when you’re on other tracks than the one with the device... The worst solution that I’ve found for the moment is that I need to "call disconnect" to release it; but when doing that I need to recall the entire Push>touchstrip path every time I need to grab it. To be clear, I’m simply trying to do a modwheel patch for Push. It works well, but: - I simply don’t understand why I have to use this strange calls - It gets buggy as soon as you have several devices that grabs the touchstrip, which can get pretty annoying ’cause you often want the mod wheel on every track. :roll:
    Can someone explain how to deal with it, I’m tired of trying?