X / Y image change system question

    Jul 02 2012 | 4:00 pm
    so i have a simple x/y system currently thats mapped out to 4 images. using the kinect, so users hand and data I'm concerned about is the X coordinate plane.
    so here lies my issue: i want to basically crossfade between each image when the users hand reaches the end of the x coordinate system. so, say we have our main image, the user moves his hand along the X coordinate system to the end, which while he reaches end, triggers next image, and so fourth. I'm struggling with how to go about this without all of the images blending and fading into each other rapidly. i want a smooth "page turning" effect that knows when a page has been turned, stops, and waits for next cycle.
    heres my patch attached below

    • Jul 03 2012 | 5:12 pm
      a more flexible technique for this kind of thing involves using opengl and jit.gl.videoplane.
      here's a basic example to get you started.
    • Jul 03 2012 | 6:23 pm
      im understanding this is a better way to render video, but i think I'm missing something; I'm struggling with the "logic" of how to trigger the images based specific parameters. i was thinking of using if/then messages, but I'm sure their are smarter ways to do it.
      so i guess general logic is, "if an image is active, and one goes over the x coordinate again, next image goes." so on and so fourth.