XBee Series 2 Multiple Point to Point Parsing

    Mar 18 2014 | 2:34 am
    Hey all,
    I'm in over my head and am getting pretty frazzled. I'm working with someone who is dealing with the Hardware / Arduino side of things whereas I'm on the Max side, and we speak slightly different languages because we don't quite know each others tool. I'm generally fine with many things Max but the parsing is making me batty.
    We did a XBee Series 1 to Sensorbox Project before and all was good, but now we want multiple point to point network into Max so we switched to Series 2. She said that shes formatted the data similar to the Arduino sketch to work with Benson's Sensor Box. As a result, the serial on my side is Sensor Box but modified to have nine analog pins per XBee. We are hoping to have three Xbees on a network at once, but first we have to get one in a comprehensible fashion (baby steps right!). The serial side of Max that worked for our Series 1 doesn't work for the Series 2.
    Here's what I know (to the best of my articulation):
    - We are sending 21 bytes
    - She doesn't want to use Rob Faludi's XBee4Max external because there's thing java library is on the hardware end she didn't like / said doesn't work for our needs. (http://registeringdomainnamesismorefunthandoingrealwork.com/blogs/?p=460)
    A couple observations: I notice in the [p parse messages] (which is coloured blue!), there's a [select 255] which signals the end of the packet. She kept with this format, however, when I try to look for the 255 in the stream of data (either raw, or formatted with a [atoi]), it never appears!Anyone understand why this is (although I just may be entirely misunderstanding something as well!)?
    Attached is the Arduino Sketches and Max Patch.
    Any help would be massively appreciated.
    Thanks in advance!