XML vs Dict

    Jul 15 2012 | 5:28 pm
    Hi there, I'm hesitating between using XML or Dict to store myUniverse's presets. Actually, I have my JAVA Core that store/load xml files. I'm using a global patch able to read/write those XML from a preset folder so even if I'd use DIct, I would need to store my preset outside my global patch.
    So, what would be the benefits to use Dict according your experiences? Can we access (which means read & write) Dict with JAVA ?

    • Jul 16 2012 | 6:40 pm
      Hi Julien, Despite what is written in the documentation Dicts are currently not directly accessible from Java. So if you work with Dicts you would need to send the JSON string to your Java class and parse it there. For the other direction it's the same: you would need to send a JSON string throug an outlet to store it in your Dict. I recently had a email contact with cycling74 support on that. Thecintegration of dict ibto java is on their list but they don't know when it's gonna happen. For the rest i'd say Dicts are the better way inside a Oaych inside Java the XML handling is more elegant...... J
    • Jul 16 2012 | 6:46 pm
      Hi Jan, many thanks for your informations. XML seems to be more straightforward in my case. Did you play with Dicts ?