XP: Max/MSP 4.6.2 RC2

    Sep 21 2006 | 6:59 pm
    The second release candidate for MaxMSP 4.6.2 is now available at the following link:
    The same comments as per the RC1 apply. Copied from my earlier post:
    Note: Before installing this please manually uninstall any prior Max/MSP 4.6 *beta* you might have installed. (This does not apply to prior 4.5.x versions.)
    You do not need to uninstall Max/MSP 4.5 -- parallel installs should work by default. But, should you decide you would like to, please note that there are separate entries in the Add/Remove Control Panel Applet for each version.
    As always, please let us know of any problems you encounter with example patches, steps to reproduce, and system information.
    Note that MaxMSP 4.6 does not have a different demo period from MaxMSP 4.5 and that you will need to own the software if your demo period has expired.
    While this version seems to be pretty stable, as always with beta software, it is not recommended for installation/performance work, and we recommended that you back up your work before installing and more often while working with the software.
    Please see the ChangeLog.rtf in the attached zip file for changes. Some highlights (from an XP perspective): 1. vst~: fix for plugs that block the Max queue and UI while mouse is down in their UI. 2. Max should now give you the opportunity to save your work if XP is shutdown while max is running and there are modified patchers open.
    Please let us know if either of the above fixes don't work for you.
    Thanks, Rob