XP startup 'Black' Screen of Death

    May 30 2007 | 8:44 pm
    As of this morning, when I startup max, it hangs and my computer shuts down. I'm running a Toshiba Satellite with the Intel T5200 Dual Core processor on XP with 2GB ram / 160 GB hd. Yesterday, I downloaded, installed, and then authorized the latest version (4.6.3) of max/msp and then jitter. I did work all evening on a patch to do midi input into ableton live, and after having some problems getting ableton to recognize max as a midi source via rewire, I installed MidiYoke. I worked the rest of the evening with it and had no problems whatsoever.
    This morning, I opened up max/msp without a patch, and got a BLUE screen of death followed by a forced restart. After reading around, I uninstalled midiYoke, and installed loopbe, restarted, and then after starting up max/msp again got a BSOD. Finally, I uninstalled loopbe and Jitter, after reading that Jitter had had some weird java problems - even though my java hasn't been touched in some time. Now, when I start up max, I don't get a BLUE screen of death, my screen just goes black, and my computer is locked up until I force restart it by holding the power button down.
    Any clues? I have videos of the startup I can post.

    • May 31 2007 | 12:12 am
      I submitted a support request. Forum post respectfully withdrawn.