yet another pitch-tracker

    Jul 19 2007 | 8:05 pm
    i was playing around with apple's vdsp library the other day and was
    quite impressed by the performance.
    so i sat down and tried to implement a straight pitch-tracker (using
    square difference function) in a max-external.
    i don't have time to finish the project properly right now.
    but since the question for a pitch-tracking alternative came up
    several times lately,
    i decided to make it available, although it might not be ready for
    prime time.
    for anyone willing to test this out:
    osx only (obviously).
    please contact me off list for any issues you have with it.
    (hope i got the linking right...)

    • Jul 19 2007 | 9:00 pm
    • Jul 20 2007 | 7:01 pm
      hi luigi,
      i have put an update here
      source included.
      please notify me, if you make any modifications.
      On 19 Jul 2007, at 23:00, Luigi Castelli wrote:
      > Hi Volker,
      > I am interested in your pitch-tracker and I would like to keep working
      > on it. Can you share the source code ?