zl queue and group no happy team?

    Nov 04 2010 | 11:32 am
    trying to collect data into a zl queue and make a list of them via zl group. either (most likely) i am doing something very stupid here or uncle max does...
    see patch. thanks for any tips hans

    • Nov 04 2010 | 3:38 pm
      zl queue will refresh its second outlet everytime it receives a bang. This works better (I just changed 1 patchcord):
    • Nov 04 2010 | 7:18 pm
      thank you, patrick, it works indeed! still puzzled, why the original doesn´t work. methinks it shouldn´t trouble zl group to recieve different lenghts before it actually recieves the data.
      anyhow, this helps hans
    • Nov 04 2010 | 9:40 pm
      zl group probably forgets what it received in its left inlet when it receives a value in its right inlet.
    • Nov 05 2010 | 1:01 am
      yeah, patrick, i figured it out meanwhile. i forgot to account for zl queue counting down while giving out its data. that of course confused zl group.
      thanks for putting me on the track hans
    • Nov 05 2010 | 5:37 am
      If you want to achieve this with one object, I recommend using [mxj list.Queue]
      best, Zachary
    • Nov 05 2010 | 5:59 pm
      or this way. you don't need to tell zl.group what length comes in. use the "done" bang from uzi to push out your list:
    • Nov 05 2010 | 11:27 pm
      zach, mib,
      both thanks for the extension! @zach: i probably avoid java, for portabilitys sake (the thing its intended for has to play nicely on windows too and i have zero experience with windows + java). but thanks for reminding me of the list.queue. @mib thanks! fewer objects = better :-)