By Camilla Monga and Luca Scapellato (MOSKA)

Choreography: Camilla Monga
Interactive sound design: Luca Scapellato (http://lska.org/)

First study presented on Sunday, November, 18th 2012 at DiDStudio, Fabbrica del Vapore, Milan
for NAOCrea 2012

A traveller passes through a breach conducting her into an unknown dimension, in which she will only trust hearing to sense the environment that sorrounds her. Her body is immersed in a fluid matter which influences her movements.
By moving, she can touch the matter sorrounding her, examine its details, the subtle variations, play with its substance.

Iperspazio is an interactive dance project: awareness and perception of presence inside the space are the parameters that allow to manipulate the sonic matter that constitutes music.

The sonic environment is created by slicing a musical piece in small parts, or grains. A motion tracking system allows the body to activate and manipulate these grains, composing music with movement.

In science fiction, hyperspace is a fictional concept that makes faster-than-light travel possible, thus reaching remote galaxies.

The sudden changes of the sonic environment decribe the stages of a hypothetical space itinerary: each jump through hyperspace drives into a dimension with unique characteristics.

The body plays the space, it moulds and drives the sound speaking a language that is the voice of its sensitivity.

Realized thanks to the NAOCrea 2012 residences project at DIDstudio / Ariella Vidach AiEP

The entire motion tracking and pseudo-granular audio manipulation was built with Max.

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