Saxelectro Moving Heads L.P.M. Rome 5.23.13

Saxelectro Project Live MOVING HEADS
Andreas Mourtzoukos (saxelectro)
L.P.M. Edition XIII May 23rd – 26th 2013
21.54 pm Thursday 23 May
Brancaleone Via Levanna, 13 00141 – Rome

MOVING HEADS is an Audiovisual Performance.
Based on Generative Processing in Sound Creation,
Music Composition, Improvisation, and Visuals.
The moving of saxophone controls the musical events, the sound, the vfx, the rate of video playing and the the direction of sound because this project has live surround sound.
The player (saxelectro) controls the audio fx and some of the vfx by the sound of saxophone and improvises according to the music.

Saxophones Thru Electronics Interactive multimedia and Visuals

Ableton Live controls Resolume via O.S.C. protocol which it's much better than midi, to communicate between softwares within your computer. I've made my own Max for Live devices to control Live via bluetooth sensors and other devices to analyse my sax sound and convert it in hertz and midi numbers to control other parameters within Live and to no need to use any other midi controller. MaxMSP
it's the head for all that stuff. It's amazing software

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