Saxelectro Project Live ” Semi Improvisation3 ”

Popular Intelligent Art
by Andreas Mourtzoukos

”This is the Art of 21 century.
It means exactly what the words means.”

Andreas Mourtzoukos
Saxophones Thru Electronics, Interactive multimedia and Visualisation Art.

This is a project that combines the sound and movement of the Saxophones with the Electronic Music Technology, Interactive Multimedia and Visualisation Art and moving from the world of Experimental Music Creation in the world of real Music Entertainment.

Project Description

The electronic music is a reality with several decades past. But in recent years, the music technology has advanced so much that give us infinite possibilities to develop the data field of creative music . The acoustic music, on the other, is and will remain stable value in art, because manage the natural sound which in turn is and will be an integral piece of human nature. As part of a music production at the studio it’s possible all the above be combined, and ultimately the music be presented to the public through the discography. But what about the live performances of this musical genre? So far in most cases concludes to a Dj setup without live acoustic events. Now with advances in technology there are appropriate programs designed for live performances and collaboration with special controllers give us excellent results, which have passed the testing phase and now regularly applied in the music industry.

In Saxelectro Project Live combined in real time the Saxophone (soprano, alto, tenor, bariton) which is an acoustic wind instrument with great sound and large expressive range, but with difficult controlled sound, with the Electronic Music and the huge potential that provides, either creating entirely new sounds, either with real music samples with high quality sound that with suitable means incorporated in musical composition. Here i say that the Saxelectro Project moves with great flexibility either to the area of experimental music, with complex and progressive musical events, either to the area of musical entertainment such as the House Μusic and Dance Electronica.

The title Semi Improvisation 3 indicates a specific program that is not free improvised music, because it contains parts of prepared musical events and a stable structure, but it works as improvised and influences the music flow drastically on three key levels. 1) In Musical Form, works with the appropriate controllers and in real time changes the position of preset musical parts by changing so the flow of musical pieces according to the mood of the moment, and so converting it into other musical pieces. 2) Conversion of Acoustic Sounds into something else. With appropriate controllers changing the sound of the Saxophone or the sound of the Voice, and in conjunction with the physical effects of the instrument opens new horizons in musical creativity. 3) The Real Melodic and Rhythmic Improvisation. In that point we go back to tradition of Jazz and other Traditional Music species.

This project was built in Max/MSP/Jitter.Analyze the sound of the saxophone and their vibration in real time and affect other sound sources, video and lighting.

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