Held meiner Träume (My hero) – Interactive Sound Pendulum – MIXMUX Duo application example

    Session #4 – Interactive Sound Pendulum – Held meiner Träume (My hero)

    MIXMUX Live Session #2 – Epic Strings

    MIXMUX Ambient Demo

    The festival "Instandsetzung!" took place in the old slaughterhouse of Schwenningen, which is about to be demolished. With a reference to "Held meiner Träume (My Hero)" from the operetta "Der tapfere Soldat (The Chocolate Soldier)" by Oscar Straus, the installation refers to the time when the building was constructed, while maintaining 6/4 time and major tonality of the musical source. The Live set contains several Mixmux Duo devices (M4L) controlled by a motion sensor inside the wheel pendulum, which sends OSC data to Ableton Live via wireless LAN. In addition to the used vocal samples, the synthetic sound generation is done by different instances of an Oberheim OB-X emulation plugin. Norbert Schnell: Motion analysis Roland Sproll: Generative composition
    The Oberheim OB-XD is a free VST-Plugin by discodsp, available here: https://www.discodsp.com/obxd/ The motion sensor has been developed as a collaboration between IRCAM and PluX, available here: https://bitalino.com/en/r-iot-kit