Key Link API

    This is a simple framework that provides all possible note combinations within 12TET (room to expand in the future), and underlines existing and commonly used Scales, Modes, and Chords. It assigns these combinations in a logical order to OSC values within 2 critical Addresses, KeyLink/Root & KeyLink/Scale.
    The obvious implication is to connect applications so that we can have our DAWs and apps synchronized to the same Key. It is feasible that the document could provide useful and necessary data for those researching Musical Artificial Intelligence, Automatic Composition Systems, and beyond.
    -Developers, please consider implementing to your apps in whatever way you wish! And if you have no ideas, see the attached documents for recommended features. And researchers, hopefully you can come up with some ideas and find use for this list of 2066 "Keys". The current SpecSheet on the site (see project links) should have no errors in the long OSC id list, however other parts of the doc may.

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      Mar 04 2018 | 4:41 am
      The links above no longer work! In deciding not to pay for any more web hosting, I've decided to continue this project moreso in forums here and possibly other networks, starting in these places: