KeyLink Patch Collaborations

    Nov 09 2019 | 4:48 am
    I want to be as open and inclusive in building this framework as possible. If you arent aware of what the goal of the KeyLink framework is, it is to get every human and machine on the same page about how we are going to make our next musical move when playing along in a Collaborative Network Jam Session. You might decide to indicate or trigger key signatures, scales, modes, chords, root notes, etc. in such a way that only makes changes to your musical application in the ways you've enabled. The idea is that you would use KeyLink for your tonal cues, and Ableton Link for your temporal cues. If you decided to stick around and check out some musical applications, please offer feedback, iterations, advice, or anything you think might help get this interconnected musical world to grab hold of our eternal rhythm and groove together!
    • Basic KeyLink Concept:
    • KeyLink Midi Filter (needs help!) ---- also please view in presentation
    • KeyLink Kliptomizer (M4L Device & attached Ableton Session file )
    • KeyLink Kliptomizer demonstration:

    Key Link Updates!

    I will continue to revise and add patches(including updates) to the top of this thread for easy access to copy to your snippets. Please keep in mind, these are all W.I.P's and as the actual KeyLink convention is subject to change, some of these use cases may not yet talk to eachother perfectly.