m00 | Max for Live Performance (w/ TouchOSC & Percussa SSP) | motoko

    Live performance using Max for Live (w/ TouchOSC & Percussa SSP)
    It is the work of my performance series based on Max for Live. I worked on this project under the big theme of Atmosphere.
    I made all the Max for Live patches used in the work myself. I modularized each patch and communicated with each other. (Clock, Oscillators for vector synthesis, Time event, Envelope generator, Random control, Pan & Depth System ... ) I mapped the parameters of Max for Live with TouchOSC and controlled them with TouchOSC.
    Max for Live output was multi-track recording using the Percussa SSP module. -
    All sound sources and structures: Max for Live All Effects: Audio Effects on Live (Controlled by Max for Live algorithm) All controls: TouchOSC & Max for Live algorithm Multitrack recording: Percussa SSP module (16 channels)