• karma~ (sampler/looper external)

    karma~ is a looper/sampler external for Max.

  • Midi Time Code Generator

    LiveMTC is a standalone app that allows generation of MTC from Ableton Live.

  • Lexicon PCM90 Editor

  • SA.Puck

    Puck is a Max MIDI Device that allows you to use one note to output multiple notes that are currently held.

  • Djster

    DJster Autobus is based on Clarence Barlow’s legacy real-time pitch and rhythm generator AUTOBUSK, originally running on the Atari ST computer.

  • swanramp~

    This is a simple and highly-efficient MSP object which can perform Miller Puckette's switch-and-ramp technique to tame clicks in disjunct samples of audio, as well as apply certain curvatures to the standard linear ramp of the switch and ramp, OR serve as a single-function/highly-efficient sample-accurately triggered ramp from one value to another with various options to set curvature. Mac and Win versions included in the .zip; can work in both 64bit and 32bit versions of Max(the source code is included, and is very simple, minimal and easy to read...). See helpfile for full details.

  • Pop Up Play Mixed Reality System

        The Pop Up Play project explored how immersive digital technology can be used to create learning opportunities for children and young people, in order to enhance their creativity, language and communication skills. The project was funded by the Digital R&D Fund for the Arts and was a joint project between The Spark Arts for Children, De Montfort University and Dotlib Ltd (Luke Woodbury). The Pop Up Play system is comprised of three parts - a video system, audio system and a lighting system.


    The Scale Master/Slave are a pair of midi tools deigned for global control of the harmony structure in your midi arrangements.

    Giving you a fast way to change the chord progressions of your entire song in real time without the need to rewrite or move around midi notes.

  • Midi extra for Arturia MINILAB

  • sync’ing looper

  •   jpb.mod is a Max 6 package with ready-made data modification modules.

  • simpleKinect

      simpleKinect is an interface application for sending data from the Microsoft Kinect to any OSC-enabled application.

  • MIDI Learn for Max

    A simple to use - plug-n-play - MIDI learning system for Max/MSP projects. Features

    • Supports all enabled MIDI devices
    • Supports routing of multiple MIDI controllers to single object in Max/MSP
    • Supports single MIDI controller to control multiple objects in Max/MSP
    • Intuitive graphical interface for hiliting objects in Max to arm them for learning
    • Supports persistent storage of learned assignments
    How to use from a user's perspective
    • Enable MIDI learn mode
    • Mouse-click on an object in your Max/MSP GUI to hilite the object and arm it for MIDI learn.
    • An item hilited pink has no current assignments
    • An item hilited green has a current assignment
    • Items can have multiple assignments
    Example of an item hilited and ready for controller input
    • Once an item is hilited and receives MIDI controller input, this assignment is saved and the item is unhilited.
    • An item that is hilited with green already has a controller assigned to it, however, it is possible to assign multiple controllers to a single object.
    * If multiple items are hilited and a MIDI controller value is registered, it will respond to any of the MIDI controllers
    • Shift clicking on any green hilited object will remove all currently stored assignments
    Note: Persistance is automatic (i.e., saving to disk is automatic)   How to use from a developer's perspective The MIDI learn system is encapsulated into a single Max patcher which uses a js object (and a javascript file).

  • M8-Plug-Beta

    Controlling Modul8 from Ableton Live.

  • StyleMachine

    StyleMachine is a Max4Live device that allows for the generation of a new compositions in a specific style.

  • Alias Clips

    Alias Clips is a Max for Live device that brings the functionality of what are commonly called "alias clips, ghost clips, mirroring" etc.

  • Yofiel Image Glitcher in BEAP Module

      Glitch art refers to the use of audio signals and audio effects to modify images.

  • cage

    cage is a package of abstractions based upon the bach library.

  • Artica DMX Controller

    The main purpose of this app is to simplify the light design process and to connect all kind of sensors to a DMX controlled Light Set.

  • jm.event – JavaScript Events

    jm.event is a JavaScript extension that implements an event-listener-system across all [js] / [jsui] objects.


  • Yofiel 5.5k Waveset Oscillator

    Recently there has been many requests for additional oscillator wave forms beyond the basic set supplied in MSP~ and gen~.

  • LowkeyNW Max package

    April 12, 2016: An updated version of this tool is now available in the Package Manager. This package gathers updated versions of projects that were formerly distributed separately as:

    • granular toolkit
    • gverb~
    • cpPan~
    It also includes several items that were lurking on my hard drive and never formally released, like the nw.recordplus~ external and some jsui code.

  • Godel 2 Polyphonic Synthesizer

    Windows and MacOS versions are available for download.

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