gen~ Tutorial Series for Beginners


    There has been a lot of wonderful activity in the Gen domain, and we would like even more people to experience the differences between Max and Gen programming. I originally created a set of three videos developed in Max 6 for the curious absolute beginner. Using Max 7, I developed a series of text-based "Getting Started" tutorials. (These replace the first Max 6 video which was no longer useful.) The text and video tutorials introduce the gen~ environment, explain a bit of the differences between working in the Max vs. gen~ environment, and include a few simple programs to get you started. Check them out below! Note to Ableton Live 9/10 Suite users: Access to Gen requires a full Max license. Get details on crossgrading!

    Getting Started

    The Next Steps

    gen~ for Beginners: Working with Abstractions

    gen~ for Beginners: Debugging and Signal-Rate Processing

    Try It Yourself

    If you're ready to do even more in Gen, follow our Gen Patch-a-Day series.