Tom Hall on Gen - Max’s “Secret Weapon” at Loop 2017

    At Ableton’s Loop 2017 event, Tom Hall took to the stage to help introduce users to the “secret weapon” of many Max for Live users: Gen. He was joined by Gianfranco Ceccolini from Mod Devices, who demonstrated Gen at work with the Mod Devices Duo. If you’re new to Gen in Max for Live, this is a perfect place to see where things start, and where they can go. (Note: A crossgrade to a full Max license is required for Max for Live users who want to author/edit Gen patches or export code.)

    Gen: Inside Max's Secret Weapon with Cycling '74 | Loop

    For More Information

    You can continue to explore Gen by perusing our gen~ tutorials for beginners series, and you can follow along in our Gen Patch-a-Day series.

    by Gregory Taylor on
    Oct 15, 2019 5:00 PM