Interviews with Matthew Ostrowski


Matthew Ostrowski discusses cricket behavior and how it informed his Max-driven sound installation “Host”.

I thought, “Okay, how do I make this into some other thing other than a musical instrument that happens to be telephones?”

I’m trying to create something where duration will actually increase the complexity of it, not only just in terms of sound, but also in terms of your relationship with these objects in the room.

The Glove

Matthew takes us behind the scenes of “The Glove”, and shows how Max has helped him create a satisfyingly musical electronic instrument.

My software approach comes out of having a lot of analog improvising, and working with acoustic musicians.

Max has been a great environment to do that because you can improvisationally develop your software essentially. The speed with which you can go, “Okay, how does this work? What happens if I connect this to that?” That can happen in a very organic process.

Matthew’s Website

Video editing by Ron MacLeod for Cycling ’74.

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