Pushing the Edit Button

    Digging into Max for Live for the first time and need a little nudge? Has the edit button been calling your name? To help you get started, we've gathered a few links to helpful tutorials and Max for Live projects that you might not have seen.

    Max for Live Devices

    • First of all, if you want to find some ready-to-use Max for Live devices, it's hard to beat the high-quality ones found in the Packs section of Ableton.com, which includes Robert Henke's Granulator and Alexkid's Instant Haus devices.

    Max for Live: The Monolake Granulator

    • The unofficial Max for Live community site MaxforLive.com has collected over 900 user-created devices that are freely downloadable.
    • Max for Live users often share their projects here, too.
    • K-Devices sells a collection of Max for Live Instrument and Effects devices, some of which come with TouchOSC and Lemur templates. They also offer the free EXT modulation sequencer device.
    • Finally, who doesn't need a dub siren? Check out this one from AudioLemon.

    Video and Device-based Tutorials

    • If you want to read some basics tutorials an check out some highly editable free Max for Live devices, have look at Sebastian Tomczak's little-scale blog and youtube channel.
    • Loudon Stearns at Berklee has created some Max for Live API tutorial videos that are worth watching if you'd like to use Max for Live to control and respond to other things in your Live set.

    Max for Live API Basics - Quantize Mapper Design (Part 1 of 9)

    • Want to add live visuals to your Live set? Mike Todd demonstrates his WIP-Context Modular Visual System in Max for Live.

    WIP - Context Modular Visual System - Max For Live Version

    Did I miss something? If you have your own Max for Live links to share or have something else you'd like to learn about, leave a note in the comments.